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Well, this is the back door of the house. We’re on ground level, but we have to go downstairs from the front to get to it. The building is built right on the edge of a hill. The parking lot is level with the second floor and we take a short bridge accross from the parking lot to the building. Once in the building we take the stairs to level one, apartment B. We ahve had no end of fun runnig around the backyard which as you can see is entirely open to all the other ground levels. I will include more comprehensive pics later. Oh, and we got a new camara, so be on the lookout for lots of fun pics.



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The Name

We’ve developed an evening routine for the kids. After dinner and some form of play as a family, we put the kids in jammies and they climb into dad’s lap for stories, Bible reading, and prayer. Then, its off to bed.

Tonight during the very first story, our son (1 and a half, with a blossoming vocabulary) starts repeating something quite unintelligable. We both sush him. Sissy reports that she is being quiet but her brother is not. We hide our smiles and continue the story. But he just won’t stop saying it.

Bewildered, we look at each other, continue to cloak our smiles, and list words that he pronounces similarly to try and guess what he’s saying, but to no avail. He begins to show signs of frustration, as do we, so we surrender to the fact that we just won’t know what he’s saying.

“SHhhh! We’re reading! SHhhh! Be quiet, son. Now is the time to listen, not to talk.”

Finally, after he’s stopped repeating the unintelligable word, we finish the story and move on to their verse. Before I go on, I’ve realized that I neglected to tell you that after stories and before we read their Bible, we recite a verse we’ve been memorizing. Sissy says the whole thing at once. Buddy-boy struggles to coordinate his tongue and lips, repeating one word at a time.

As daddy closes the story and reaches for the Bible, both kids start to say their verse, and it becomes crystal clear. The boy was saying “Dah-eeim!…, Bah-boow. Da da-eeim.” Translation: The Name…Bible. The name!

The name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are saved.”
Prov 18:10

He didn’t want to read the story he wanted to say the verse and read the bible. As we worked on the verse tonight, we asked him if he was saying the “Name” and he says, with a beaming smile, “YEEeaah!”

We delight in these little ones. It is a joy to have them in our home, to wrestle their evil hearts into submission to the truths of God’s word. It is sweaty joy. We do it purposefully, and with great effort. But, thankfully, He does not make us wait until heaven to see the fruit of the work. It is in our living room, before bedtime, that he shows us the seeds of His word, planted in our child’s heart. Amen! Praise the Living God!

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The Slide Episode

Yes, the boy fell off the top of the slide, about 6 feet, I’m told. After not walking on the injured leg all evening, post-fall, and the next morning, the decision was made. Little brother would go to the ER for xrays. (The not walking was combined with a great deal of tears, coming from a notoriously tough little boy. Needless, to say we were pretty concerned.)

As his mother, I was pretty worried when he started to scream as they positioned his hip for the pelvis/hip xrays, but alas, all was well. They surveyed his foot, entire leg, hips, and pelvis. No fractures!! Thank you our Raffah-God.

He continued to limp the rest of the day, and part of the next morning, but now seems fine. Other than being a little more cautious on the stairs that lead to the top of the slide, he is undaunted. Oh to be young and resiliant.

August 16, 2006 jennifernkau

PCA (not Patient Controlled Analgesia, for those of you who’ve had surgery)

Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) is the organization that the church we attended the last two sundays is a member of. We are happy to report we heard the word preached carefully and faithfully. They believe the scriptures are complete, plenary, and inerrant.

Sunday school class is going through spiritual disciplines, including stewardship and peacemaking as Christ called us to. (These are the two we covered the last two sundays.) What an encouragement, especially since my husband and I had a conflict last afternoon! We were able to be guided by the principles we learned on Sunday, and keep our hearts in accord with Christ and His desire for us to be at peace!

The church is in the process of nominations for deacons and elders, so the last two sundays we heard one sermon on the biblical deacon, as layed out in 1 Timothy 3, and a sermon on the biblical elder, also from 1 Timothy 3. Church government is elder led, deacon and church body served, and board “organized” as each has been given gifts. I guess the population to be about 400. We look forward to fellowshiping with these believers over the next months to come, Lord willing.

Many have prayed on our behalf that God would provide us with a new church home where He can us us and our gifts, as well as minister to our needs. We thank God and invite you thank Him with us, that he has heard our prayers, and sustained us in the time of want, while we waited on him to provide. Thank God!!

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Still Looking

We went to another church on Sunday. A different Baptist church. Very nice people and a biblical message. We’re grateful for the fellowship there. We are still looking for Bible teaching. Somone who is concerned deeply with the word of God, who wants to express truth from the pulpit that will illuminate lives. We really don’t want it handed to us softly. We yearn!! We begin to wonder if there is such a church nearby.

We’ve heard of Capitol Hill Baptist in Washington DC. We downloaded a sermon on sunday, after church. The drive, per Google Maps, is 1 hr, 18 min–each way! That doesn’t really sound so bad, but considering week after week, it might be too much. Plus, the people who attend that church are in DC and we live over an hour from there–in good traffic! It would be hard to develop close relationships with people so far away. We are still considering what to do. It seems so tempting to just settle in somewhere close, so we can begin fellowship, serving, and accountability. The people seem to be presently serving the LORD in all these churches, but there is not teaching that challenges us to “Take heaven by storm!” and “Be prepared in season and out of season to tell of the hope we have in Christ!”

This is a hard thing. Anybody identify with what I’m trying to express?

Would it be compromise to get good teaching online and go to a church that is a little “softer” on teaching, but is nearby enough for us to be active in serving the body, developing friendships, and being a part of our community?
Please leave a comment if it may give insight.

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Anyone know how to post pictures? My husband showed me, but as of yet, I fail to remember!

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Personality Mutt

i took a personality test. You know the ones that come in the forward emails? The person who sent the email vowed that both she and her husband took the test and hit there personalities on the money. So, I took it. It said INFP. One percent of population has this personality. Ok, great! That explains why I don’t “fit in” most circles. I start to read the description and it’s like half of the stuff it says describes 100% of a very defining part of my personality (capiche?). I think boy, that part REALLY is me! The other stuff not so much.

So, I took it again. Because there were a number of questions I waffled on and so the second time, I put the other answer that I wasn’t firm on the first time through. Now, I am an ENFJ. I guess only 2-3% of the population is this personality. Great. Still a misfit. Ok, keep reading. Yeah this one is a little more of me. About 75% of the description fits me. But still not right on.

I’m still debating whether to give it another go, or just accept the fact that I am a misfit and no amount of “re-testing” will change the fact…that I…am…a personality mutt. One of a kind, bon-a-fide! Hooray for me and my discovery! This does explain, however, why I don’t seem to fit in a traditional box…

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Why Beautybrain

You may think its presumptuous. The name was given to me by a trusted and loving friend. I have had it for nearly 10 years. It used to be my hotmail account name (beautybrain@hotmail.com–don’t send email there, I haven’t used it for years.)

When my husband set this account up he asked what I wanted
my blog name to be.

“Uh–I’m not sure.” I drew a blank. “How about beautybrain?” And so it is. We don’t make too much of it. It’s just an old nick-name. It works. Just thought, in case you wondered, you’d like to know.

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Looking for “THE” Church

We’re still looking for a church. It’s a hard process. We feel like church hoppers going from church to church on a given Sunday and dissecting, together of course, the pros and cons. It just seems really weird to us to be going in and out of church fellowships and saying, “No, I don’t WANT to be a part of that one.” Of course there’s more that goes into it than that, but since we haven’t found what we’re looking for we keep asking, “Well, do we compromise on this, or is this a really important thing and so we keep looking?”

We’ve basically been to three churches and to two of them several times. One is smaller (125 on Sunday and 400 members total) and seems to have really nice people who have developed good relationships with each other. That is really important to us. We don’t want to be anonymous. We need accountability, encouragement, and a way to use our gifts for the body. Though, due to some missions and vacations, the pastor hasn’t yet preached (substitutes, of course). I think he will at the end of the month, and even then, it sounds like it’s topical preaching instead of preaching through the word. Also, the Sunday school is not really an in depth study or the word or a particular subject. We would hope for a little more…something. We’ve been a little discouraged by some of the teaching.

See, it’s also really important to us to get “thru the Bible” teaching. My husband feels very strongly about it. He doesn’t want to be in a body where the pastor just uses the word to support what he thinks about any given topic. We don’t think it has to be expository to be biblical, but if the pastor doesn’t get to the Bible until three quarters of the way through the sermon and even then its just a verse or two, well, that is NOT OK!! So, now you see our problem with the second church. It’s 4,000 people (and there are small groups) and though we’ve actually bumped into the only two people we know here in MD at church (we were shocked that out of 4000 we would bump into them), it still is very anonymous. When you drop your kids off at Sunday school and they ask if you are members or not it’s just really disconcerting. They don’t even know your kids. and therefore cannot invest in them and care for them. It’s different faces every time. The service isn’t really kid friendly, in that they have movie theatre chairs–a big temptation. The chairs fold up on the kids and they bounce and play and kick. –A little aggrivating. 🙂 Also, there’s a different music team every week and some of them are a little more like bands than music leaders. Also, the preaching is not all-too-meaty, as I’m sure it may need to be to feed 4000 diverse people. So, I think the search goes on.
“,1] ); //–>

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Cute Tan Lines and Bleached Blonde Hair

Who knew the kids had such white little bottoms? The browner their legs get, well…you get the picture. We have been so grateful for the pool that we use it nearly every day. Sunburns we’ve managed to avoid, thanks to SPF 30. Our longest day was three hours there. Nora eats as needed, and we just hang out in the fenced off baby pool (8-10″ in depth), bring snacks and drinks in abundance, a few squirty fish toys and lots of cups and buckets to pour water (their favorite pasttime). Isaac, as I suspected he would, has his mother’s hair. In the sun it just gets whiter and whiter. Isabel, too, has been getting some pretty honey-blonde highlights. And Nora-baby is still bald, but she’s not getting any sun anyhow.

They verdict is in, however. Her eyes are not brown. They are most decidedly blue, and when I learn how to post pics, they will surely be a feature. I got some great shots at the pool.

When Daddy is at the pool the kids get to jump in the “big water.” (He catches, of course). Isabel is learning to kick her feet and “swim” and Isaac just loves the thrill of being thrown around, splashing.

Mama gets in some laps most days, and it is soooo nice to be in the water, floating, kicking, stretching, holding my breath, swimming, feeling like a kid again. I love the water. Thank God for our pool.

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